All You Need to Know about Commercial Kitchen Sinks, Shelves, and Benches

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There are many reasons why commercial kitchens prefer stainless steel benches. They are durable, easy to clean, versatile, and made with commercial applications in mind. They’re not your typical home sinks, shelves, and benches. But choosing the right stainless steel kitchen benches can be challenging for many businesses faced with varying steel grades, thickness, size, and applications.

To help you choose the best stainless steel kitchen benches, here is all you need to know about commercial kitchen stainless steel sinks, shelves, and benches.

Commercial Stainless Steel Sink Benches

Commercial stainless steel benches with sinks come in all shapes and sizes. The size of your sink and the features they come with should match or exceed the needs of your kitchen and its menu. You will also need to consider the grade of steel you use, like 304 or 316, and what this sink will specifically be used for compared to other sinks in your kitchen.

Different types of commercial stainless steel sink benches

Single sink bench: A stainless steel single sink bench is excellent for handwashing and food prep. They are highly versatile and typically come with a backsplash to protect the surrounding walls and floor. It makes for an easy clean-up and you have a lot of options regarding table space and shelving space.

stainless steel benches

Double sink bench: A double stainless sink bench has two sink basins. This is ideal for dishwashing as well as anything else a stainless steel single sink bench can handle. They are a staple for most commercial-grade kitchens because they are highly adaptable to the various demands of catering, restaurants, and food delivery.

Stainless steel Double Sink Benches - Centre

Different applications

Food prep: Anything having to do with food prep must be kept to the highest cleanliness standards. It is not only crucial for maintaining compliance with health codes in your area, but it also protects the health of the people you serve. Britex stainless steel benches with sinks come equipped with chromium oxide layers to resist harmful bacteria and fungal growths.

Handwash: Stainless steel sink benches keep both your kitchen and the hands that work it clean and ready for work. By combining your work surface with a sink, handwashing becomes more convenient and easier to do, especially in environments that have a frequent need for sanitising.

Cookware wash and clean: Unlike your typical at-home kitchen sink, commercial-grade stainless steel benches with sinks are made with high intensity and frequent use in mind. With plenty of room to work with and incredibly durable materials, washing and cleaning are made more efficient and easier to do.

Commercial Stainless Steel Shelves

Commercial stainless steel shelves have various applications in commercial kitchens; they are used to store food, supplies, utensils, and any of the necessities for running a kitchen. This is why if you walk into any commercial kitchen, you’ll see much of its walls lined with stainless steel shelves. Having said that, there are more options of coated materials meant for commercial applications these days. How do you know what’s right for you?

Stainless steel vs. epoxy, polymer, and polypropylene

Stainless steel has been the gold standard for commercial applications that require cleanliness, durability, or meant for high-intensity use. Epoxy, polymers, and polypropylene have become viable alternatives for some kitchens. However, it remains true that stainless steel is still the best option regarding price, quality, and ease of use.

Aside from functionality, stainless steel also has a pleasing aesthetic. Shelving takes up a lot of room in the kitchen, meaning it also has a drastic impact on how your kitchen looks. Many alternative coatings don’t have the same visual appeal and don’t do a good job making your kitchen look and feel clean.

If you need something that is highly resistant to corrosion, stainless steel remains the best option. This is especially important in most commercial kitchens that receive heavy use, heat, humidity, and undergo frequent cleanings.

Benefits of wall mounted shelves

Wall-mounted shelves can significantly expand the functional space of any commercial kitchen. The challenge of most commercial kitchens is the balance between trying to make the dining area as large as possible without taking too much space away from the kitchen. Wall-mounted shelves can increase your storage space from any part of your walls without affecting areas around it.

Commercial Stainless Steel Benches

Commercial stainless steel benches serve two primary purposes in commercial kitchens – storage and workspace – but they are also a highly versatile piece of equipment. You have options of fixed or movable benches in varying sizes and grades of stainless steel. No matter your needs in a commercial kitchen, Britex has the perfect bench for you.

304 grade vs. 316 grade

All stainless steel is resistant to staining and corrosion. This is due to its special composition and layer of chromium. However, 316 grade stainless steel is considered more resistant to corrosion.

304 grade stainless steel is more affordable. It’s a great option for commercial kitchens looking for quality at an affordable price.

316 has molybdenum while 304 does not. Molybdenum drastically increases the corrosive resistance of stainless steel and is suitable for a wider range of environments compared to 304 grade stainless steel.

Why every commercial kitchen should use stainless steel benches

stainless steel benches

Cleanliness, durability, and ease of use are of the utmost importance for commercial kitchens everywhere. Combine this with the versatility of stainless steel benches, and you have the perfect tool for the demands of any kitchen environment.

Stainless steel equipment of any kind should be seen as a long-term investment because it can last a lifetime. If you use another material under a commercial kitchen’s conditions, you will inevitably need repairs, replacements, and excess maintenance to keep your equipment up to high standards.

What stainless steel benches are suitable for you?

Benches with sinks:

Benches with sinks combine work areas with the functionality of a nearby sink. They are ideal for hand washing, dish washing, and food prep. 

Workbenches with undershelves:

When you need an area to work with nearby storage, workbenches with undershelves are the best option. They increase the efficiency of movement in your workspace, saving time and effort. 

stainless steel benches

Workbenches with splashbacks:

Your bench may be made of stainless steel, but your walls likely are not. Splashbacks are raised borders on the sides of benches made to capture splashes, spills, and any other hard-to-clean damaging substances. 

BenchTech Work Benches with 150mm Splashbacks

Mobile benches:

Mobile benches are the ultimate space saver and offer great versatility in the kitchen. You can quickly move them to areas where they are needed and store them away when you need more space to move.

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