Automatic Titration System – Best in the Industry

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Hanna Instruments is proud to launch a new HI901C titration system to bring affordable automation to your food and beverage, environmental, or industrial lab. Each titrator can store up to 100 customisable methods of analysis and titrate for a variety of measurements including acids, bases, redox, and selective ions.

The HI901 titration system is provided with a host of numerous features suitable for routine sample analysis and performs acid/base, argentometric and complexometric titrations.

HI901 titration Capabilities:

Dynamic Titrant Dosing

Signal Stability Timing

Equivalence Endpoint Detection

Multiple Titration Types

Titrator Capabilities

Burettes & Dosing System

Exchangeable Burette System

Multiple Burette Sizes

Precision Dosing Pump

Chemically Resistant Tubing

Titrator Burettes & Dosing System

Interface & Display of HI901 Titrator:

Large Interactive Display

Detailed Titration Graphs

Simple & Quick Navigation

Interface & Display of HI901 Titrator:

Data & Storage of HI901 titrator:

Customizable Analysis Reports

Flexible GLP Management

Effortless Data Transfer

Data & Storage of HI901 titrator

Connectivity & Functionality of HI901 titrator:


Multiple Peripherals

Connectivity & Functionality of HI901 titrator


Methods of Analysis

Customizable Methods

Titration Method Support

Market Specific Methods Packs

Adaptable Standard Methods

This powerful titrator dispenses the titrant, detects the endpoint, and performs all necessary calculations and graphing.

In addition to titration mode, the HI901 can also operate as an independent pH, mV and temperature meter.

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