How to Choose the Best Industrial Shredder

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As a business owner, taking care of your waste is your responsibility. Shredders are one solution that can help, destroying materials before they are recycled. If you produce large quantities of waste, investing in industrial shredders can make your waste disposal routines a lot more efficient.

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But, which shredder is best for you?

In this blog, we explain all you need to know about choosing an industrial shredder.

What materials are you shredding?

The first thing you need to think about is the materials you plan on shredding as this will determine which kind of shredder is most suitable.

  • Paper – If you get through a lot of paper waste or need to dispose of high volumes of confidential documents then paper shredders are best, such as the Genox BH series.
  • Plastic – For packaging and other plastic items plastic shredders are that little bit more powerful to cut through the thicker material. The Genox J, K and M series have several motors to make plastic destruction easy.
  • Wood – To get rid of pallets, timber, green waste and offcuts you’ll need a wood shredder that can reduce your waste into small loads.

You also need to consider whether your materials have any foreign objects such as staples or if you need to dispose of multiple types of material. If so, you’ll need a strong shredder that can cut through this and maximise efficiency.

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What type of cuts do you need?

Industrial cutters give different types of outputs, for example, some shredders will cut the waste into strips whereas others will reduce it down to confetti style pieces. This will depend on the kind of shredder blades that are in the machine, the end results could be anything from halving the material to turning it into dust particles.

There are four main types of shredders, including:

  • Strip cut – This type of shredder is usually used for cutting paper evenly into long strips creating rectangular shapes.
  • Cross cut – cutting materials two ways, materials will pass through and finish as squares of diamond shapes.
  • Grinders – if you want to completely break down what’s going in the shredder, grinders will reduce everything to dust.

What are the benefits of industrial shredders?

Industrial shredders can be used in a range of businesses such as joinery, production and large offices.

  • They make sorting your waste more manageable and cuts down the time wasted doing it manually.
  • Ensure your business is following the right procedures when it comes to handling waste. Shredding makes recycling easier and therefore lowers your carbon footprint.
  • They’re a cost-effective investment for businesses that produce large quantities of waste or need to abide by data protection guidelines.

If you’re looking for high-quality industrial shredders, Genox Machinery offers a range of shredders to help with your waste management. From paper shredders for disposing of important documents to wood shredders for your green waste, they have got something for everyone. For advanced recycling solutions, choose Applied Machinery. Contact them today for more information.

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