Is It Time to Upgrade to a POS System? – 7 Reasons to Switch

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Traditional cash registers are still used in many places of business and are perfectly functionable. However, if you feel that you are needing more features and functions that your cash register is allowing, it may be time to switch to a POS system.

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Here are 7 reasons for you to make the upgrade.

1. It’s easy to switch over to

In fact, most POS companies will assign someone to help you install and set up your new equipment. They’ll help you set up your inventory, payment options and clock-in/out system. Usually, if you are leasing equipment, the company will even send someone out to help you anytime you need them.

  1. Optimal price control

POS systems take the guesswork out of pricing. When you use traditional cash registers, you have to input each price manually which can leave a lot of room for error. With a POS system, you’ll never have to worry about anyone undercharging or hitting the wrong button and creating a mess in the receipts!

  1. Itemization

With an updated POS system, you can keep track of all of your inventory. You should be able to set up a count of each of your items and when the count gets down to zero, the item is removed from the computer system until you restock it.

With itemization and inventory control, you should also be able to see exactly how much of each item you’re selling. If you’ve got a best-seller on your hands, you might want to consider restocking in advance, increasing the stock in hand, or even raising your price. 

  1. Manage customers

You can manage customer relationships right from your POS system! If you send out emails with announcements or coupons, you can collect them at checkout and store them right in your POS. Later, you can quickly and easily reference the database and build your email list.

With this feature, you can also measure the success rate of your customer loyalty initiatives through their analytics section. 

  1. Easy to train new employees

Many POS systems are so easy to use that they’re practically self-explanatory. This will allow you to cut down the time that it takes to train someone and will reduce the amount of errors they make during their training period.


  1. Manage staff and increase security

POS systems allow you to track who uses the register and when. This is really helpful when trying to prevent loss. If you always know who’s in and out of the drawer, you can hold them accountable for any mistakes or missing cash.

  1. Order accuracy and efficiency

Ringing things in digitally leave much less room for error than handwritten checks. If you work in food service this small detail can save you a lot of time, money and food. POS systems also provide perfectly detailed receipts and keep a backlog of them for easy access and reference.

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Able Scale offers a wide range of cash registers and POS systems to suit retail stores, groceries, restaurants, and supermarkets. Whether you need basic systems or specific industry systems, Able Scale is able to deliver a total solution to meet your business requirements. For more information, contact Able Scale today.

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