What Does Sierra Wireless Do?

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As the premier provider of cellular communications hardware, Sierra Wireless produces a wide variety of connectivity solutions for many purposes. Your business or organisation might be looking to purchase these products for a variety of reasons, like building industrial Internet of Things solutions or connecting new sources of data to your systems.

In this article, we’ll look at what Sierra Wireless produces and how to acquire their products in Australia.

About Sierra Wireless

Sierra Wireless produces cellular communications products, like modems and gateways, for Internet of Things and mobile devices. They maintain a footprint all over the world, providing products and services through resellers in many countries.


With Sierra Wireless products, businesses can connect to their customers and offer connected Internet of Things products. Whether you’re automating an industrial process or creating a new device, Sierra Wireless solutions provide the connectivity you need.

Where to Get Sierra Wireless Products In Australia

Tekdis, an authorised distributor for Sierra Wireless products in Australia, offers both standalone products from Sierra Wireless as well as integrated solutions. They also offer certification support for the full line of Sierra Wireless routers and gateways.

Tekdis - Sierra Wireless Distributor

By purchasing from Tekdis, your company can tap into their expertise with electronics solutions for Australian businesses of all sizes, as well as enjoy trusted customer service and a robust distribution network. Tekdis also provides a build to order service for all embedded/Panel PC products to suit your requirements.

Different Sierra Wireless Products

Sierra Wireless produces a wide range of products for all kinds of connectivity needs. Here are a few of the most popular options:

Sierra Wireless AirLink

AirLink Sierra Wireless

The Sierra Wireless AirLink is a line of easy-to-deploy cellular routers and gateways for a variety of applications, from vehicle networks to rugged infrastructure. Some models can handle harsh outdoor conditions, while others are built for maximum throughput. Every AirLink product can be remotely managed and configured through Sierra Wireless’s cloud-based management system.

Sierra Wireless MC Series Chips and Modules

Unlike the AirLink products, which are complete, pre-built devices, Sierra Wireless’s AirPrime MC series provide cellular connectivity to existing hardware. Using standards like PCI and USB, the MC series modules require little special configuration and can be deployed easily.

MC 7304 4G Module - Sierra Wireless

As with the AirLink line, the MC series can be configured easily to meet your company’s requirements. Given its form factor and deployment characteristics, MC series modules are a great fit for a variety of situations where standalone cellular gateways are not the right choice.

Development Tools: Boards, Kits, and Programmers

Before your company has its finished product ready for manufacturing, you’ll need development tools. While practically every electronics manufacturer provides development boards and chip programming tools, Sierra Wireless prioritises developer experience with their development hardware, software, documentation, and community.

Wireless Vehicle Router/GPS

Airlink MP70 High Performance Vehicle Router, 1104074 - Sierra Wireless

One of Sierra Wireless’s core markets is vehicle connectivity products. Organisations like police departments, taxi companies, and corporate vehicle fleets use Sierra Wireless vehicle routers and GPS trackers.

These products can create a vehicle area network, connect to the vehicle’s OBD-II port, and integrate with other hardware over connections like RS232. Many of Sierra Wireless’s vehicle products integrate high-speed LTE or even 5G connectivity for all kinds of applications.

To find out more about Sierra Wireless or to view the range of products available, please visit Tekdis or contact them directly for assistance.