Why Use Magento For eCommerce?

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If you are an eCommerce business, you must consider Magento as your website’s best friend. With its excellent features, user-friendly designs, strong and dedicated community, and superior support, Magento is a popular choice among eCommerce stores such as Nike, Sigma and Warby Parker.

What Makes Magento The Best eCommerce Solution?

There are many reasons why Magento is ahead of the race among other eCommerce platforms and solutions. Firstly, Magento provides a seamless shopping experience for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. This is highly essential as many users are doing their browsing and shopping on mobile devices these days instead of desktop and laptop computers.

The Magento platform is highly reliable and secure, and provides a lot of flexibility for magento developers. You can also integrate custom features and functions, including setting up loyalty programs, and utilise a variety of product display options. Due to its highly customisable nature, Magento is often the first choice for businesses that need more control over their eCommerce websites.

Features of Magento

Here are some of the features Magento offers:

  • Marketing, promotions, and conversion tools such as up-sells, promotional pricing for specific stores and categories
  • Provides users SEO features that allow the creation of search engine friendly URLs
  • Sophisticated site management features to control multiple websites and stores from one administration panel
  • Easily manage inventory with a wide range of products
  • Browse catalogues and products and filter products through categories

Magento for ecommerce websites allows you to integrate quickly with a large number of third-party services including payment gateways, database applications, transportation, shipping, order tracking etc.

Why should you use Magento for your Ecommerce Website?

Advantages of Magento Web Development

Magento web development can take your business to new heights. Here are some of the advantages of Magento web development.

  • Allows for multi-store and multi-site functionality
  • Advanced search engine optimisation
  • Range of transaction options and settings
  • Integration of custom features
  • Customisable security permissions
  • Easy third-party integrations

Choosing Between Magento Open Source Implementation and Magento Enterprise

As a user browsing through websites, it is hard to tell the difference between Magento Open Source and Magento Enterprise. But as the business owner and Magento web designers and developers, there are a number of differences to take note of.

Typically, smaller companies go for Magento Open Source, as it is a free and self-hosted eCommerce software. While it may have limited functionality, Magento Open Source is still sufficient when it comes to supporting all the basic essential eCommerce transactions. Magento plugins and extensions can always be adopted to make up for any missing features.

Magento Enterprise, on the other hand, utilises advanced built-in features and additional capabilities such as marketing, content management, and customer experience.

As a business, the platform you choose will depend on the kind of features you want to utilise for your website. In addition, understanding your current and future business model will help you make a better decision. Your model can include the number of monthly sales, unique visitors, and your monthly budget.

The Proper Approach to Building the Right Responsive Design

Today, about 77% of Americans own a smartphone and around 100 million own tablets. On average about four out of five Americans shop online, with more than half making purchases using a mobile device.

Now more than ever, creating a responsive web design (RWD) for websites is crucial for businesses in order to best optimise engagement with their customers. Having an eCommerce website alone does not guarantee sales. Instead, you need a high performing website to draw and retain your clientele.

When building an RWD, you need to align your business and development goals. Connect your design and development team for collaboration with tools and development frameworks. To ensure proper implementation of RWD, proactively address speed and performance of your website. Understanding your customers behavior and mapping out your customer journey is also helpful.

Focusing on UX, Responsive Designs

Did you know that a majority of your visitors will leave your site for a competitor’s if your site does not provide them a valuable user experience? When interacting with a brand, customers look for a personalised experience that can address their demands. A wholesome user experience increases customer satisfaction and improves the perceived value of your brand.

User Experience (UX) involves usability, accessibility, system performance, design and more.

At Netable, we focus on providing a positive overall experience for our customers through services such as site audits, content inventory, optimisation experiences and

interactions for the user, as well as user behaviour analysis.

Why is Netable Magento Agency Ideal For Your Business?

Netable is a full service Magento agency based in Melbourne, Australia. Netable was built on the foundations of Trust, Value and Relationship, and we are committed to giving our clients only the best services and support. We offer Integration with ERP, Accounting and CRM systems to streamline and automate your B2B and B2C.

Netable also provides AWS hosting infrastructure to help accelerate your Magento store with improved scalability and security.

Netable has over 16 years of digital experience with B2B & B2C eCommerce clients. Due to our extensive experience and knowledge in the field, we are able to offer the best and highest quality Magento web design services to their clients.

We believe that the relationship between an agency and client is a two-way street. We are open and transparent regarding our costs and services, and always strive to develop an ongoing relationship with Netable clients.

Implementing Magento AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a huge role in Magento. Through AI, you can use predictive insights on stocking and inventory management. It also reduces overhead and allows improved inventory management. You can also automate recurring activities to reduce costs.

By analysing customer behaviors, you can implement AI to improve sales, i.e. displaying the relevant related products. Having an AI chatbot can also significantly improve customer engagement and allow them to track their orders fast.

AWS Hosting for Magento

Netable offers Turnkey Magento AWS hosting. You can deploy 100+ server apps in minutes to Amazon EC2, and perform secure and easy server backups to Amazon S3. Plus, automatically restore servers from backups and migrate servers in minutes.

Netable’s Exceptional Magento Design to Development Process

Netable talented and incredible Magento web designers have a flair for innovations and creativity. The developers excel in PHP programming, JavaScript programming, and can perform custom theme designs. In addition, they create amazing Magento online stores that allow you to take full control of many aspects of your site.

From design to development, we make sure the process is smooth and hassle free for Netable customers.